Dashboard Common Page Filter

Hi I have imported a csv file to use as a common filter for Sprint Team by location. However, after setting the Sprint Team as common page dimension, and selecting the individual teams, the reports were blank. Fyi, when I expand the tables in the reports, the values were able to be shown. After importing data from csv, I set the Sprint Team to be name column and location to have property name ‘location’.


  • Location : A
    - A1
    - A2
  • When selected A, reports display normally, but when select either A1 / A2, report shows empty
  • My reports are simple reports like % reopened where measure is
[Measures].[SIT UAT Defects]

Can anyone help if I have done something wrong?

This behavior sounds like mixed hierarchies for the same dimension between the common page dashboard filter and report filters.

eazyBI won’t let you mix hierarchies.
You could contact eazyBI support and provide more details (dashboard definition, report definition, and an example of CSV file and mapping).

Martins / eazyBI.