Dashboard creation from multiple accounts

hello all,
I have the need to create Eazybi dashboards from Multiple accounts. I understand you can do this with a JIRA personal dashboard but my users dont want that. I have JIRA accounts and GIT accounts and would like to combine.

Hi @Chuckcox12,

​You are right. Currently, you may combine eazyBI reports from multiple accounts on Jira dashboards or Confluence pages, or some other web-pages. On eazyBI dashboards, you can publish reports only from that particular account as eazyBI accounts are isolated.

On the feature request to have a dashboard with reports from multiple accounts is related community topic:
Dashboard to which we can add reports from multiple accounts

​An alternative solution is to have two data cubes, one for Jira data and on for GIT data, on the same account.

​Then you can publish reports in the same eazyBI dashboard.

You may consider creating several data cubes in one account if data sets are different for each cube and measurements do not share the same dimensions except Time. I recommend testing this approach first on some test environment.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Thanks for the update, I didn’t realize I could do this for data cubes in the same account. But I still have the need to create dashboards from multiple separate accounts. We have separated accounts by functional program and many times we want to combine reports from different accounts.