Dashboard - limit common selection values

We have a standard dashboard for about 15 different Servicedesk projects.

We use a common project filter to select the specific Servicedesk project.

Is there a way to look the common selected project dropdown to a specific project value ?

Currently we would need to create a specific dashboard with the same reports but with the specific project selected per report.

Thanks for any hints

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Hi @peter.reiser ,

You can bookmark the specific Project dimension members and select them in the reports. Or define a new calculated member in the Project dimension if there many reports in the eazyBI dashboard. The formula could look similar to the one below:


Either way, for the changes to take effect, remove the common page filter in the eazyBI dashboard and add it back again. Select the specific value you are looking for and save the Dashboard. See a screenshot of an eazyBI dashboard below:

You can go one step further and publish this eazyBI dashboard in several Jira Dashboards with different Project selections in each one of them. See a picture below:

Once the eazyBI dashboard is published in a Jira dashboard, it will have the common page selection you saved it with. But you can change the common page selection to a different value and click the save button. The page selection will be saved to this particular Jira dashboard.

See more details on publishing eazyBI dashboards in Jira dashboards here - Publish in Jira dashboards - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

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