Dashboards of dashboards

my PMO has an easyBI account for each program, and we have many many such accounts for multiple programs. now we wanted summary of each program status to be pulled in one dashboard. like % complete, and other major KPIs from different easyBI accounts to another account. is there a way to do this?

we do not want to create one big account syncing to multiple JIRA projects, as we have seen frequent syncs for big account (with multiple jira projects with thousands of issues) is a problem and often fails.

Hi @Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW

eazyBI reports can be created only within one data cube; eazyBI dashboards can be created from reports build within one account.
If you want to publish reports from several accounts together, you may use either Jira dashboard or publish them on Confluence page, using eazyBI for Confluence app.

However, you may re-consider option to import all your data in one account where you import only basic data set (for instance, no custom fields or change history if you do not need them in those summary reports) and create only high-level, optimised summary reports there (i.e., by years, by departments) using predefined measures.
Feel free to contact support@eazybi.com if you have doubts or need some optimisation advice.

Ilze LA, support@eazybi.com