Data Import in parallel


We got the following situation
1 data cude == X_data_cube
5 diferent data sources == Jira, PagerDuty, Rest API_1, etc.

Jita data import takes 24 hours, and data imports from other sources are waiting in queue and we got errors (“Was waiting on import too long time”).
Other data imports are small but essential.

The question is - How to set data import in parallel?
please, coil you help or advise on another solution?

thanks ahead

Hi @DKostiuk

Indeed, by default, only one data import is performed at a time. Using Advanced settings, you may set more parallel background jobs. Please see in our documentation how to do that: Advanced settings

Also, 24h for regular Jira data imports seems quite long. If it bothers you, please, contact and send eazyBI log files for troubleshooting.

Ilze ,