Data is displayed in all column instead of one


i have added two measure(time spent and custom field) and time dimension by week in COLUMN.
Added issue dimension in ROWS.

But when the table is generated, custom field value is displayed for all week.
My requirement is that the custom field value should be displayed in only one column and time spent should b displayed in week.
Can anyone help.

Hi @rohit

Welcome to eazyBI community.
Currently, in eazyBI, it would not be possible to plit just one measure (in your case “Time spent”) over other dimension members, and at the same time, other measures keep collapsed.
There is a feature request on our backlog but I can’t share any promises on the delivery date.

Meantime, there is a workaround how to “hide” values for one measure in specific or all other dimension member columns.

In this case, you would need to create a new calculated measure that would show values only for “All times” column which should be displayed in your report (see pictures below)
Try this approach for your calculated measure.

[Time] = "All times"
[Measures].[Issue custom field]

Martins / eazyBI team

With eazyBI version 5.3.0. we included an option to build reports where you can use several measures on columns and split (drill into) only one of them to see more details. No workarounds with custom calculations suggested above are required anymore.

You would like to start with all the measures you would like to use in the report. In my example, Issue status, Issue assignee, Hours spent. Then click on Hours spent and select option drill into and select Time dimension (in my case, level Month) to see hours spent split over time.

Daina /