Data issue while importing

I can see an issue type which was previously used in my project but that issue type(email blast) is no longer in use and it does not exist in jira either, I have re-imported the data again but I still see that issue type, how can I fix this?

@Elita.Kalane @roberts.cacus

Hi @ayushlawania,

The issue type no longer actively used will be imported into the eazyBI to keep the historical records right; it is the intended functionality. The “Email Blast” type is still part of some issue change history logs when the value was assigned to the issue.
You may check the data you get when using the “Issue Type” dimension with measure “Issues history” and “Time” dimension for past periods when the issue type was still in use.

For reports that focus on the current situation, enable “Hide empty” or “Nonempty” to remove irrelevant report rows (Create reports).

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska
Thanks for the response, but it is not linked to any issue and I really want to remove this permanently, how can I achieve that?

If this issue type is not related to any issue that is imported in eazyBI (even not in the change history), then it is enough to Empty the data cube and Import all data again.
For more details, see the documentation: Data from Jira - Empty cube and re-import all issues.

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