Date custom field eazybi

If I have a date custom field and i want to use it as a dimension same as the time dimension but I want it for this custom field

for example:
let say I have a custom field called awarded date I want the awarded date insight custom field to be dimension same as the time dimension and I can choose a specific quarter and will show me all ticket awarded on that quarter is it possible to do that?


eazyBI uses one Time dimension and imports any measures (activities) and Jira issue custom date fields as measures mapped to one common Time dimension. This allows creating reports showing different facts on the same Timeline.

For example, Jira issue date custom field Awarded date could be imported as a measure. eazyBI creates a set of related measures for this date custom field, for example, Issues with awarded date representing how many issues have this date custom field with a particular date represented on timeline.

We have this training video about Time dimension usage.

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