Date Filter - 24months back (but full months, so always starting at beginning of the month)

Dear all,

I would like to change all our dashboards to dynamically only go like for example 2 years back.
But we need always full months for the (monthly) graphs being correct.

For the Import JQL it already works great … *AND (resolution = Unresolved or resolved >= startOfMonth(-24))

Now I only need to have the charts correct.
I use the chronic expressions from and

(Linked from - )

I tried something like between
first day of 24 months ago and now
beginning of 24 months ago and now

The first one does not work at all (empty graph) and the second one seems not to use the beginning of the month.

I would expect it goes back to 1. July, but it does not :confused:

Do you have some idea how I can get back 24months, but always start at the beginning of the month?
That would be a big improvement for our standardized dashboards.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards, Markus


It seems that chronic expression is a bit sensitive to the order of the day vs. month specification.

I tried the following version, which seemed working for the filter like yours:

24 months ago first day of month and now

Janis, eazyBI support

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Hello Janis,

you made my week :star_struck: :smiley:
It works like a charme, so great :champagne:

I implemented it already in our automated dashboard creation, it also reduces our cube sizes of the accounts significantly, it fits perfectly to the strategy of for example also to archive Jira issues after a certain age (for example 2 years) … and archived issues do not show up in the private eazyBI dashboard.
And it is all dynamically, no need to change anything anymore, automatically importing only x months back and graphs also always are correct :raised_hands:t4:

Thank you again and have a great week end.

Best regards, Markus

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