Date filter by date time picker field

Hope everybody doing well.
I want to filter my issues regarding to the custom filed date time field in jira.
Like we can filter the issue in time dimension
But I want to filter by the custom field date

Hi, @Umar

It’s interesting with time, but it’s possible! Since there is already a Time dimension in the eazyBI. The custom date field should be imported as a measure and property , and then use the numerical measure "Issues with “custom date” " with the “Time” dimension members. Read more about “Time” dimension here: Time dimension

When using the “Time” dimension with that numerical measure, eazyBI would count the issues where your custom date value belongs to the selected/displayed period.

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@ilze.mezite Thanks for your response
This is what I am using to filter the dates in time dimension but this date is consider as issue created date .
How can I use this kind of calculated measure to filter date by custom field date not issue created date

Hi, @Umar ,

You have to choose measure “Issues with “custom date time field”” in measures. And deselect “Issues created”.

Then selecting time period in Time dimension it will work with your custom date field.