Date issue entered a specified status in Jira EasyBI

How do I make a measure that returns the most recent date an issue entered a specified status.
eg date entered ‘In Progress’ status
eg date entered ‘Done’ status

The goal is to build a Gantt Chart that defines start date as the day the issue entered ‘In Progress’ status and the done date as the day a card enters ‘Done’ status.

it is possible for a card to move backwords (eg - go from done to in review) if new information become available - so we would need the most recent date a card entered the status.

Hello @susan,
You can do this using the predefined measure “Transition to status last date”.
Put the dimension “Tansition Status” on rows and [Measures].[Transition to status last date] on columns.

If you want to use it in a calculated measure you could use a tuple like this:
([Transition Status].[In Progress],[Measures].[Transition to status last date])

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