Datediffdays calculations with years

i use datediffdays formula in one of my report. It seems to work wel but when the two dates refer to different years, the result is wrong. Apparently, the formula considers only days and months (not years).
I would like to get a number of days even if its more than 365.
How can i include years consideration with the datediffdays formula?
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Finaly resolved, just an error of time parameters not a problem of the function datediffday!

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Hi @clement_dd_64

​Glad to hear you were able to resolve the problem!

​In case other eazyBI users encounter the same problem, I can confirm that DateDiffDays function work with different years too. It could be the case that the formatting has to be changed.
​And dates, in general, are context-sensitive and would be affected by values selected on report rows.

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