Hey team,

I am working to develop an issue summary report, a component of which is to count the number of work days between the issue creation date and issue due date. I have used the following:

  [Measures].[Issue Created Date],
  [Measures].[Issue Due Date],

However it only removes weekends, how can I make it cater to our public holidays?

I tested the result with a Calendar calculator an there is always a difference.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance to the EazyBI Knowledge Hive.


Hi @David_Horne

On our Documentation page, you can find the description for the DateDiffWorkDays() function:

For the nonworkdays parameter, you’ll see this:

If Time dimension options are specified then these Time dimension non-working days will be used (in this case please do not specify this argument).

So there are two parts to this solution:

  1. Go to the import options of the account and specify the Non-working days of the week and Additional non-working days (public holidays).
  2. Use this formula in your report:
  [Measures].[Issue created date],
  [Measures].[Issue due date]

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support

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@nauris.malitis Thanks for that. Changes made. :+1: