Dedupe based on customer field

I have a report that shows remaining story points per person.

the row(s) are assignee and the column is story points. There is a dimension in place as I need to select multiple customers and exclude others.

the issue is that 1 issue is being counted multiple times as we have a custom field called “customer”. This is a multi select … if you select 1 customer you get the right point value … if you select multiples it multiplies. I need to only bring in the story points once. i.e. where I expect “Developer A has 8 story points” I instead get Developer A has 64 story points.

I’m guessing its a custom formula on the page dimension

Anyone from eazyBI have any thoughts on this please?

You are correct. eazyBI will double count any numeric value if you are using multiple value dimensions with multiple selections. We have some distinct count measures for some default measures on issue count. However, we do not have default support for numeric value distinct sum.

You would like to use a calculation on an issue level using properties or a tuple with default member of multiple value dimension to get a correct sum there. Here is an example formula that could work instead of default measure Story Points created:

  NOT isempty([Measures].[Issue Story Points])
 CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues created] > 0
 [Measures].[Issue Story Points]

Here is my report example. I am using another multi-value dimension Fix version with multiple selections there. The default measure Story Points created double counts some issues.

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