DefaultMember in calculated member

When I have a dimension, I can address root member as DefaultMember. If I have dimension Clients then there will be:

  • All Clients
    • Client A
    • Client B

So All Clients is [Client].DefaultMember

My question is how I can refer to root member of calculated member. I will have for example calculated member called MyClients with code:

{[Client].[Client X],
[Client].[Client Y]}

How can I address the MyClients DefaultMember? I do not want to use the name, because I will use lot of calculated members in my report and I do not want to refer to all of them by name, but by some generic way instead.


DefaultMember for each dimension would always be a root member and you can’t change this for eazyBI.
In the calculations, you could use the [Client].[MyClients] to address the aggregated level from your calculated member.

For example, the following calculated measure would return the number of issues for both Client X and Client Y together

[Measures].[Issues created],

Martins / eazyBI support