Defining a measure for thresholds for a status

We are using a pretty standard Average time in Status Cycle Time :

The only catch is that we are filtered down on four specific categories for transition status.

I’d like to somehow add a threshold per transition status to be shown on the chart? (ie: two days for in progress, 0.5 days for in review, etc). Thoughts on how to do this?

You can create a new calculated member and setting the some threshold value based on each Transition status name.

Here is an example formula for this based on my data points:

CASE [Transition Status].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name 
WHEN "To Do" THEN 25
WHEN "In Progress" THEN 15
WHEN "Review" THEN 10

You can add it to the chart. However, you would like to consider what would be the best way to add it as a marker. Here I used a a light bar for it:

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