Delete custom properties imported at additional data import

I imported some custom properties when I imported data the last time. I can see them in the analize window in the Custom properties. Can I delete them from the cube?

Hi @viplex

Unfortunately, there is no way currently to delete the previously imported additional properties from the Issues cube. We have such a task on our backlog already and I upvoted it just now but I can’t share any promises when it will be released.

See similar question discussed here:

Martins / eazyBI support

Is this functionality happening? I have the same problem I have a few times imported some excels and now I would like to make a clean-up as they aren’t needed. What’s more problematic is that old data aren’t deleted.


Unfortunately, that change request is still on our backlog and eazyBI won’t delete properties when you delete the “imported data”.

Martins / eazyBI

Is there any workaround for that? e.g. IF I will delete all the measures from the cube and all the related hierarchies created will this work?

The only workaround I can imagine is deleting the whole eazyBI data cube.
Before that, you could save all reports in a definition file and in another file export and save all dashboard definitions.
Once the cube is created again, you could restore reports and then dashboards (with all calculated members), but that is a very slippery slope if you have published reports on confluence pages or dashboards or embedded as iframes, as report IDs will change after importing them from definition file and you would need to publish all reports from the beginning.


Can you please then add +1 from my side to the functionality for relating the data it’s quite important especially when you are building new imports that have a tendency to change