Determine reopened/closed ratio excluding invalid jira tickets


We’re trying to monitor the rate of reopened/closed Jiras using the EazyBI integration for Jira.

One major issue is that quite often, people close a jria in the wrong resolution, which leads to the same jira being reopened, in order to adjust the resolution (e.g. Closed as Fixed -> Reopened -> Closed as Won’t Fix).

So, to be more accurate we’re trying to find a way to exclude those tickets from the EazyBI report.

To do that, we tried to use the “Resolution” as a “Page”, and filter out the invalid tickets (e.g. won’t fix, invalid, duplicate, etc…), and only keeping the “Unresolved” and “Fixed”.

But it seems the EazyBI “Page” uses the Resolution at the time the ticket Status was changed, and not the final (current) resolution of the ticket.

How could we force the Page to use the current Resolution? Alternatively, is there a better way to achieve our goal?

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Anyone had a chance to look at it?


Sorry for not providing any answer sooner. The standard Issues created, resolved etc. match with the current resolution of the issue. The historical resolution will show up once you use the Time dimension with any historical measure (“Issues history”, “Transitions to status” etc.).

The exact solution for this case would require to clarify additional details of how your report is designed or how you wish to see it. Generally, eazyBI might not be the most appropriate tool for trying to rectify some wrong steps of the Issue workflows. Perhaps, you could consider some scripted field in Jira that can process the incorrect resolutions before importing them into eazyBI.

Please, contact the support if this solution is still needed.

Sorry again for the late answer in this thread.

Janis, eazyBI support