Difference between CurrentHierarchyMember and CurrentMembe

Can anyone show me some detail on the difference between CurrentHierarchyMember and CurrentMember?

Hello @Jet,
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When iterating through the hierarchy or set of members, the CurrentHierarchyMember and CurrentMember function dynamically returns the member being operated upon.
It is like saying, “You are here,” and the value is calculated for this particular member.

The difference is that “CurrentHierarchyMember” can handle dimensions that have multiple hierarchies, e.g., “Time”. In that case [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember can be used in calculated member formulas to handle both [Time].CurrentMember and [Time.Weekly].CurrentMember cases.
Here a simple formula that returns the start date of the selected Time hierarchy member where the only difference is the CurrentHierarchyMember and CurrentMember usage:

  1. [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember.StartDate
  2. [Time].CurrentMember.StartDate

In the report, if the default hierarchy is used, then both formulas will return the result:

But when I switch to the “Weekly” hierarchy then the second formula doesn’t work anymore.

Gerda // support@eazybi.com