Difference between remaining estimated hours and remaining estimated hours change

In a new project we want to use [Remaining estimated hours], however that value is empty in the report. When I use the measure [Remaining estimated hours change] I see the exact amount that I expected to see.

So I wonder what the difference is between both and why Remaining estimated hours does not show the actual Remaining estimated hours.

Additional question

If I want to include the sub-tasks I could create

[Measures].[Remaining estimated hours change] +
[Measures].[Sub-tasks remaining estimated hours change]

Is that a correct assumption namely that [Sub-tasks remaining estimated hours change] also give me the remaining hours for Sub-tasks. It doesn’t give an error but I can’t find the calculated member
[Sub-tasks remaining estimated hours change] in the list of calculated members.


Hi Christopher,

Described behavior seems strange which should be followed up.
Remaining estimated hours is a mandatory field in Jira, therefore shouldn’t be a case when hours is empty (not null) but hours change shows value in eazyBI.
Anyway, I couldn’t repeat such behavior on my instance by creating different issue scenarios.

Please reach out to eazyBI support with more details (your report definition and information about the sequence how and when do you enter remaining estimated hours in Jira).

Martins / eazyBI support