Distinct Values in EazyBi

Hi, May I know please how to calculate the distinct values .I have written a below formula as this is regarding GSD change order.
But I think this formula is not giving me the exact distinct values.

I have taken –
In Rows:Time
Issue Type(Service Request)
In Measures: Issue GSD Change Order
In Page:Project

Formula that I have used is as below:

Count(Filter(Descedants([GSD Change Order].[GSD Change Order].Members),
([measure].[Issue Created],[Issue Type].Service Request])>0

Please support with this.That would be a great help.

Many Thanks,

Hi @Smita_Kalunge ,
Can you share why this formula doesn’t work as expected? From the information you shared, the formula looks correct.

Gerda // support@eazybi.com

Hi Gerda,
Thanks for responding.
Yes, May be formula is correct.
But the cumulative values I am getting for the same is showing the huge difference in the dashboard. That’s why I thought it might be incorrect.