Does EazyBI integrate with the Jira Deployments feature?

We have been integrating our CI/CD pipelines with the Jira Deployments feature, but we would like to use EazyBI to create custom reports based on that data.

I’ve been looking through the EazyBI configuration and cannot find a way to import that data. Am I missing something or does EazyBI not currently support Jira Deployments?

Hi @alex_123

Unfortunately, there is no integration with Jira Deployments feature.
We can not give any estimate on this feature yet.

Martins / eazyBI

Thank you for the response! If someone is also interested in that, for now the best way we have found to integrate is to export the Jira deployments CSV and import that on a weekly basis to EazyBi, although it would obviously be much more useful if we could get the live data and it can get unwieldy with a large amount of projects.

Thank you again!

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