Drilling in to an Issue from Dashboard View changes the layout

Drilling in to an Issue from Dashboard View changes the layout/ Sequence of the reports.
Testing on Jira Dashboard, with EazyBI Dashboard Gadget, and from EazyBI Dashboards view.

Is there a way to keep it consistent? drilling in to the issue on any report, creates a single gap in between the reports. breaking the sequence of the layout of reports we created. we have to refresh to return the view back.

Attaching screenshot below.
After drilling in to the issue

Hi @AaronG

Welcome to eazyBI community and thanks for posting your question!

The layout change when you use “Drill into” functionality might happen because the size of the particular report no longer match with how the report looked before the action “Drill into” was done and therefor the rest of the reports in the dashboard “adjust their place” in the dashboard to fill the space. I recommend inserting Page breaks and checking if the reports remain in their places. You can learn more about dashboards (including where to find the “Page break” button) here - Create dashboards

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com

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Hi @Elita.Kalane
nice to see a familiar name.

Thank you for the explanation and recommendation.
Worked like a charm!

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