EasyBI - Time filter

I want to delete highlighted time in this filter


eazyBI generates Time dimension members based on data imported into the particular eazyBI account. If a date field or a change history record imported into eazyBI has a date from the highlighted date periods, eazyBI will import them again during the next data import even if you delete them.

Please see the eazyBI documentation page regarding deleting Time dimension members - Time dimension.

Alternatively, you can define a calculated member to aggregate only the desired Timedimension members - Calculated members in Time dimension.

Another option is adding the Project or Issue dimension also to the page filters before the Time dimension. In it, specify the desired Projects. Then enable the “Nonempty” option in pages. That will limit the Time dimension members available for selection based on the selected Projects. Please read more here - Create reports.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com