Eazybi giving me different number of issues compared to using JQL

Hi Guys,

So i have a lil bit of dilemma, I’m trying to figure out the numbers of issues in a particular status at a particular time in the past (Project A, status in progress on 2023/2/27). JQL is showing me there were issues in the “in progress” status on that day but Eazybi said there was no issue on that status that day. I checked the issue JQL gave me and that issue was in progress on that day.
FYI, I used issue history on Eazybi.


Hi @Ismailthanni

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​Issue History measure will return the results of the period end (let’s say Day level in this case). If the issue was In Progress during the day but then the status was changed at the end of the day, the Issue history will not reflect the “In Progress” Status.
​You can learn about issue history measures here - Import issue change history

​Could you please try defining a new calculated measure with the following formula and see if that returns expected results?

​[Measures].[Issues history] + 
[Measures].[Transitions from status issues count]

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Elita from support@eazybi.com