EazyBI plugin license expired need support

We configured a dashboard using the EazyBI plugin in Jira Server. Now, as we transition to Jira Cloud, we encountered an issue where the project dashboard created with EasyBI did not migrate, and the EazyBI license has expired in server jira. We seek your support for migrating the EazyBI dashboard. Additionally, if there are alternative solutions available, we would appreciate your guidance."

Hi @rohith
Thanks for posting your question!
It is advised to reach us directly (support@eazybi.com) with questions like this as we may need some more information regarding your case.
When you reach out to us, please refer to this community post and clarify

  • whether you migrated only your Jira to Jira cloud or did you also migrate eazyBI with database migrator? Database migration.
  • Please also clarify if you are refering to the eazyBI dashboard in Jira or eazyBI dashboard in eazyBI.

There is no need to extend the server license to migrate dashboards, as you should be able to access your eazyBI reports and dashboards even with an expired license. The license extension for the server is needed if you want to upgrade to a newer eazyBI version.

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com