EazyBI private instance


We are currently using EazyBI for JIRA and thinking to move to the private instance server to benefit from additional integrations (namely Zendesk) as well as more customization.

I have a couple questions:

  • Is there a migration path between EazyBI for JIRA and the EazyBI private instance? Or at least, is it possible to export the account, data sources, reports, dashboards configurations? In other words, how is the migration or transition process looking like?

  • What are exactly the advantages of the private instance as compared to the JIRA add-on? We saw some limitations in the creation of dimensions in the add-on. Is it possible to create new dimensions based on SQL, REST API, … in the private instance that is not possible in the JIRA add-on?

  • Last point is about charts. Is it possible with the private instance to add new highcharts widget types such as heatmaps for instance (ex. https://www.highcharts.com/demo/heatmap)?

Your feedback on the same is welcome.


Hi again, after having read through the documentation of the private EazyBI and EazyBI for JIRA, I somehow changed my mind and do believe that EazyBI for JIRA is definitely the right tool we need.

Though, the needs we are having now is about more advanced customization and namely:

Has someone in the community experience with customizing the UI and adding new chart types to EazyBI?

Thank you,


Hi Patrick

eazyBI add-on for Jira is the best choice for Jira data analysis. eazyBI has similar import options both for Jira add-on and for Private eazyBI. There are some technical differences due to used API. Some customers choose to migrate to Private to get an option to run eazyBI on dedicated infrastructure separate from Jira. However, there could be some small limitations when running eazyBI on Private as we can’t support such a tight integration with Jira there as we have with Jira add-on.

Could you share more details how you would like to customize UI or which chart you would like to add?​ We could try to point you out how to do the customization and share some examples.