eazyBI Remote Community Day 2021 - where will you be?

As a natural data/reporting nerd, I’m looking forward to this year’s Community Day.

I just registered, and my goal is to sit next to a Wi-Fi point in a park during these sessions. Maybe Central Park? :sweat_smile: Looking forward to learning eazyBI’s niche features to keep my clients happy.

Where will you all be?

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Hi @dave.liao,

I hope you were able to join our online event from Central Park :smiley:
In case your WiFi was not good enough, you can re-rewatch presentations here:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

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Yep, I’ve been sharing the PDFs from the Community Day with folks! :+1:

(Sadly I joined from the apartment instead of the park…)

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