Eazybi report is taking more than 20 minutes to generate in CSV


I made a report in eazybi, a big one that is more than 10000 rows and 30 columns.
When I show it in eazybi, it appears in less than 20 seconds I think, which is acceptable.
When I try to export it in csv (or excel) it takes more than 20 minutes.
Can you tell me what I am doing wrong ?


Jonathan Brunerie

Hello @JonathanBrunerie,

We have found a problem with export performance introduced in one of the latest eazyBI versions.
The problem will be fixed in the next eazyBI release.
There is a patch available to fix the issue till the next release is available. If you would like to apply the patch, please write an e-mail to support@eazybi.com.

Best regards,
Jānis / support@eazybi.com