EazyBI report template version control for Top Down deployment


Found a similar question back in 2018.
However, please advise if there is a report template version control feature for EazyBI report template.

Typically to achieve Level 3 of some Processes like CMMI or ASPICE, the company will have to release a standard release template for the project teams to using the report template.
Tailoring can be done but a RELEASED version with version control is mandatory.

Also, it’s very common that assessor/auditor checking into the version of a particular template.
Please help if we can do any version control for all the reports.

If not, kindly consider this as a high priority feature in the next SW release for EazyBI development.

Alfred Tan


If i understand your request as “If a have a template account, I want that account versioned” I mostly agree. However thats more of a you build that rather than eazyBI do it.

I can see others using templates differently.

But as I use them as a way to centrally manage a large number of child accounts this does intrigue me

Hi @Alfred.Tan

To ensure report version control, we recommend customers exporting report definitions on regular basis or before each change and keeping them in their preferred source control system. Create reports - eazyBI for Jira
Also, if you need to store reports with included data as well, use an email subscription to receive dashboards as PDF in your email based on a schedule, and then keep them in this source control. Create Dashboards - eazyBI for Jira
Indeed, there is no specifically designed built-in report version control tool in eazyBI and we have no particular plans to implement that in a foreseeable future.

You may use the following options (alone or combined) to ensure that changes in reports are controlled.

  1. Use template accounts to maintain all company-wise reports in one account and then spread the report changes across recipient (child|) accounts automatically. Template reports in child accounts can’t be changed nor modified, and report structure changes are imported automatically during incremental data import. Template accounts - eazyBI for Jira

  2. Plan user access roles to grant that only authorized users can change reports in this template account (other users that should have access to receive those reports might have minor roles). Account users - eazyBI for Jira

  3. Use naming conventions and/or group reports in folders.

  4. Check System events to see when report updates have happened to track them. Also, in Analyze tab report list there is visible, who and when have created/last modify the report. System administration tasks - eazyBI for Jira

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

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Thanks Ilze for replying with some proposals.
I will should this to internal auditor this and manage the version control externally by exporting them.

Hi [jtalarico],

Yes we do it and built them for other projects to use them.
Therefore, we need a proper baseline/revision control of the report definition across all the reports that decided by Management in order to do top down deployment.