eazyBI Report with all field values - even if no ticket has this value selected

I search for a possibility to show all field values in an eazybi report - even if some of the field values are not selected.
Example: Field “Team” contains the values “Team A” and “Team B”. “Team A” is selected in 3 issues. Team B is not selected in any issue.
In my report I want to see:
Team A - 3
Team B - 0

What do I have to do?

Hi @Sarah_Steinkeuhler ,

In eazyBI, the “Measure is the treasure”, all of the data revolves around measures. When importing data from Jira, in this case, all of the Issues bring their corresponding properties. If there is no Issue with this property, then it will not be imported as it is not associated with any measures.

The eazyBI app will add new dimension members once they appear in data import or will not add them unless they appear. Since empty and obsolete members tend to hide on reports, additional efforts are needed to display them. Still, some workarounds might be possible.

Please reach out to the support over e-mail with details on the situation to see the options for your case.

Oskars / support@eazBI.com