EazyBi - sprint original estimate at closing

Hi! I have been challenged to create specific report for my team. We’re using original estimated hours field in order to plan workload, so the value of this estimation has more less same meaning for us as story point. Now I want to catch this estimation value and group it by issue status at the end of the sprint - so practically I’m looking for something similar to “Sprint Story Points at closing” but for Original Estimated Hours.

Just to complicate it a bit i tried to create calculated member formula to count this value for example for issues in progress, so in my case with status “In development” or “Code review”.



    Descendants([Issue].Currentmember, [Issue].[Issue]),

    [Measures].[Issue status] matches ("In Progress|Code Review")



    [Measures].[Original estimated hours],

    [Logged by].DefaultMember



and as you can see my problem is with issue status when I try to use this formula for closed sprints, because it takes current status and not historical one (so at the moment of sprint closing).

So my question is: am I close to the solution of my problem or should I approach subject differently?


eazyBI currently does not track the original estimates’ changes, which is why we cannot see the value of the measure at the end of the sprint.

There is a workaround for a similar use case if you are tracking the Remaining estimates. You can check the report on our Demo account how such a measure can be implemented:


Janis, eazyBI support