Embed the dashboard in another HTML page, no scroll bar

I have proceeded the embed dashboard in another HTML page, but no scrill bar in this page, I only can see the charts which on the top of dashboard, How can i add the scroll bar on this page for all of my dashboards?

please help, thanks


There should be the vertical scroll bar visible on the embedded page:

Please, provide more details on how you have embedded the dashboard for checking, or apply to support@eazybi.com with a request.

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis,

The steps after click Embed dashboard:
1. click ‘Regenerate access token’
2. Select ‘Enable public access with a token’
3. Select the single button of ‘Wallboard’
4. select 'Show header
5. select ‘Dark theme’
6. copy the url which below of “Use this URL in the wallboard browser”(only src url)
7. click save

then open the copied url in the browser.

then on scroll bar in that page.

pls check again, thanks a lot

Annie Gao


Thank you for the details provided.
The “Wallboard” mode of the dashboard is designed to show the dashboard as the slide-show and the missing scroll bar is the intended functionality of this mode of embedding.

Please, check here for more on how to publish dashboards with the access token:

Perhaps, the embedding with the “Dashboard” mode instead of the “Wallboards” suits for your case.

Janis, eazyBI support