Enable Usage statistics in pre 4.7


We are using version 4.6 for Jira Server and would like to enable Usage Statistics. The manual at Usage statistics describes how to do in version 4.7: through the tab Additional settings. This tab didn’t exist yet in 4.6.

How is Usage Statistics activated in version 4.6?



You are right, this tab don’t exist in older versions.
However, there is a way to enable usage statistics also on older version (4.6.)

Then usage statistics can be enabled in eazyBI advanced settings by adding the following settings:

[usage_statistics] enable = true

After saving the advanced settings, a special (usage statistics) eazyBI account will be created which will be available to Jira system administrators. You can grant access to other Jira users or user groups to this eazyBI account.

But I would rather recommend upgrading your eazyBI version to 4.7

Martins / eazyBI support

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