Epic Cycle Tiime

Hi, I am trying to generate reports for the below

o Lead Time = EPICs from entered into Jira to Production – I was able to achieve this thought Epic lead time measure( Epic created date to Epic resolved date) in Eazy BI.
o Cycle Time - EPICs from commitment in a QAP to Production – I need to generate report from actual start date of an epic to resolved date( not from the epic created date). I am aware of the average time in status( Cycle time) measure which generates the report from the time the epic has been moved to “in progress”. But I need to get the report from the actual start date without moving the epic to in progress meaning when a story linked to that epic is moved to in progress. Please suggest what can be done?
Workflow for the Epic - To Do -IN Progress Done.
Thank You

Hi @Sai,

There is a measure Transition to status first date. You can use this measure together with the Issue dimension / Epic hierarchy and In Progress transition status to get the first transition to In Progress status on Epic level from its children.
As you can see in the example, the DA-220 is still in To do status, while the Story has transitioned to In progress; the same date shows for both issues in the First transition to In Progress column:

The formula I used here is with tuple to say I want not any first transition, but the first transition to In progress

  [Measures].[Transition to status first date],
  [Transition Status].[In Progress]

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

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