Epic Cycle Time (shifting from Reactive to Proactive)

Good day all,

We are currently tracking cycle time after Epics are completed (moved to Done/Closed). This is a great way to how long work was “in progress”, but only after it was delivered.

We are looking to move to a more proactive coaching stance. To that end, we want to review the cycle time of all epics that are currently in an “in progress” state. Basically, if the Epic was to Close today the cycle time would be X. This is important as we have Epics that move to “Business Review” and after demo we need to make adjustments before we can deploy the feature into market. Thus, the Epic moves back to “in progress”.

We currently use 3 “in progress” JIRA statuses at the Epic level (in progress, in review, business review).

I have been unable to create a calculated member to gather this data. Any ideas? (looking to do this on Workdays and possibility total days).



You are right; the time in status measures provides the values for the statuses from which the issue has transitioned and do not cover the current statuses. It is possible, however, to create your own calculation that calculates the time in current status. The formula would be like this:

DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue status updated date], Now())

Note, that this measure works at the Issue level of the Issue dimension since it refers to the Issue property. You need to build on top of this formula your measures for your specific report needs.

Janis, eazyBI support