Epic scope change for the most recent sprint


I would like to see the scope change in Story Points for Epics during the most recent sprint. In my table, I would like to see a row for each Epic that shows the Epic name, the total Story Points in the Epic at the start of the Sprint, the total Story Points in the Epic at the end of the sprint, and the scope change.

For example, say that Epic A contains Issues worth 40 Story Points at the start of the most recent sprint. During the sprint, an Issue worth five Story Points is added to the Epic. Epic B is worth 20 Story Points at the start of the sprint, and an Issue worth two points is added. I would like to see a table that looks like this:

Epic A : 40 : 45 : 5
Epic B : 20 : 22 : 2

After lots of trial and error, I haven’t been able to get my table looking this way. Can someone please help me figure out the calculated members that I need to create this report?


Hello Sarah,

I would suggest checking out “Sample Sprint report” in your eazyBI account Analyze tab, “Samples Jira Software” folder: this report is created to show Sprint scope changes and uses Sprint scope measures. Use Issue Epic hierarchy (Epic level issues) in the report rows instead of the default hierarchy!

I would suggest selecting most recent sprint manually if you can have imported parallel sprints (perhaps, in different boards, but ongoing at the same time).

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

Hello, Ilze.

I do not have a “Samples Jira Software” folder. Do you have a link to the sample report you are referencing?


Hi Sarah,

You may check out eazyBI Demo account, this same report is also there: https://eazybi.com/accounts/1000/cubes/Issues/reports/80620-sample-sprint-report

Then you may either build a similar report (only standard Agile measures are used there) or export the report definition and import it into your eazyBI account.