Error on filtering rows

Failed to execute query. Error message:
Expected value of type STRING; got value ‘1.0’ (NUMERIC)

I get this error whenever I attempt to filter on dates for rows. I tried multiple attempts at ‘3 months ago and now’, ‘1-1-2018, today’, etc. and they all return the error above.

Hi @matnu1,

The error message says that the data format of the field used for data filtering (numeric values) does not match the entered filter criteria (date range as string).
It looks like, you have selected some measure in columns (numeric values) and for this column have selected an option to Filter rows and entered date range between “3 months ago and now” (sting).

When filtering rows by date range, you should apply this filter on the column containing the date, for example, issue property Issue created date.
IN our documentation you will find more information on date filters.

Zane /

You are correct. I was attempting to use dates instead of a range of numbers. I have fixed this. Thank you. I changed the one column to cut off at a range that is 1 less than the current amount of resolved issues so that I can cut off the chart for that column. However, when I do that it cuts off all columns to the amount of resolved issues. I was hoping to independently clip data on each column.