Estimated vs logged work


I need help with a report I was asked to created.
The report should display the original estimate vs. work log spend on issues by assignee per sprint.
The problem is that the work log they want to display is usually not logged by the assignee but by his/her manager.

So what I need is to compare

  1. The original estimated time of all the issues assigned to a user in sprint . ( by assignee)
  2. Get for those issues the time that was logged. ( doesn’t matter by whom).

I noticed there is a ‘Logged by group’ option in the import but I don’t know if this helps.
Can anyone help with this ?


Hi Alon,

“Hours spent” measure together with “Assignee” dimension shows all hours logged for issues that have been assigned to the selected user (it does not matter who has logged those hours, assignee itself or another user).
Thereby, hours logged by the manager should be included in the measure.

If “Sprint” dimension is also used in the report, remember that only hours logged while the issue was assigned to this particular sprint are counted.

“Logged by group” dimension, in this case, is not necessary; it helps if you want to get the total hours logged by the members of a selected Jira user group.