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I’m trying to add excel data to easyBI, to be plotted on my sprint velocity graph. The data I’m trying to add is “sprint availability”. There are 2 columns in the excel graph:

  • “Sprint”: Has the list of sprints

  • “Sprint Availability”: Has the sprint availability in story points

Data type I used is “string” for both.
Dimension is “sprint” for both, as I want the sprint to be the x axis in the plot
Level or measure is “sprint”.

However, I keep getting this error:
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: " ED 22.39 (9/13 - 9/27)"
Position: 63

Can someone please advise

Hi @Dahun_Mamora

I suppose you import additional data into the Jira Issue cube, am I right?

The error message might be caused by the data structures created during previous attempts to import available story points. To drop them, DELETE already imported file (not only imported data, but the whole data file) before the next attempt.
Also, check by which value the Sprint column is mapped to the Sprint dimension.

You may want to import available story points value as a Sprint dimension Sprint-level property.
Ensure to select the data type “string” for the Sprint column (if you map by Sprint name) and “integer” for the Available points column (if it contains only numerical values).
In Advanced options, select Sprints to be identified by the Name column, and define property name for the points column. See example, how the mapping could look.

After import, you should have Custom property “Sprint Available points” (Sprint… comes automatically, followed by the property name you defined).

If you want to use this property in eazyBI predefined Velocity report, you may need to create a custom measure to retrieve this property from the standard Sprint hierarchy:

[Sprint.By status].CurrentHierarchyMember.Key).get('Available points'))

Then add this measure to the velocity report and customize its appearance:

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

Thanks a lot @ilze.leite for the help! It worked!

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