Exclude specific JIRA issues from calculation

I would like to be able to exclude specific JIRA issues from the calculation for “Average Workdays in Transition status”, but am not sure how to go about doing that. Ideally, I’d like to be able to identify outliers and then specifically be able to exclude them from the calculation. For example, after running a report to see the Avg Workdays in Transition status, I discover that there was an issue that was in a specific status for 50 days. There was a valid reason, but it skews the average and I’d like to exclude that data point from the calculation. If I could then add a label to that specific issue (say “OUTLIER”) and then have that one issue excluded from the calculation, then that would be idea. I am not sure the best way to achieve that.

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Hi, simplest option is to add a new custom field to Jira, let’s call it “Outlier” (Single select list, Y/N, Default = N). Then update the Outliers to be Y. Then import this field as Dimension and put it in the report pages, and select N or None (multi-select).



A more general solution for this case would be to implement a custom interval dimension using a Javascript calculated custom field.

A similar solution is provided here:

The idea is that you can precalculate the workdays in transition status for issues during the import and define this measure as an interval dimension. Once you did that, you can adjust the outlier threshold in eazyBI to efficiently filter the outliers.

Please, contact support should you need further guidance on this solution.

Janis, eazyBI support