Expand Category > Project > Component > Epic > Parent > Subtask

I need to solve a problem:
Having issues as rows, and selecting a project category as a page (filter)
we would like to expand:
Project > Component > Epic > Parent > Subtask

The epic issue dimension naturally comes with Project > Epic > Parent > Subtask, but it does not consider COMPONENT in this hierarchy and we really need that extra group.

Later, i would need to do some aggregate functions using numeric field “Progress”
So i can later expand and get progress in any level:
Project > Component > Epic > Parent > Subtask
Please help with this issue, probably i have to use a calculated members, but i’m kind of lost


There is a reason for not having the Component in the standard hierarchy of eazyBI. The reason is that Component is a multiple-choice field that potentially generates several parents for epic. It is not possible to build a hierarchy in eazyBI with multiple parents.

There might be a workaround if your Component is, in fact, a single value; we might convert it to the single value field and implement hierarchy as if there would be a single value in this field.

Perhaps, the workaround would be to stick to two separate reports showing the Project/component level and Epic - subtask level separately.

Janis, eazyBI support

Hola Ricardo, como estas? Conseguiste hacer lo que necesitabas? Estoy queriendo hacer lo mismo