Export Jira ticket from EASYBI Table

We developed the dashboard in EASYBI and link to Jira ticket.
When exporting the dashboard/table in EASYBI, we would to have related Jira ticket data.

Default EASYBI export option is only exporting “Table with number”. We want those number with Jira ticket list.

Let us know if there is an option needs to be enabled.



Hi @DaphneY

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By default, eazyBI will export your report “as-is” - everything you’ve added and can be seen in the report will be exported.

If you would like to include more information about the linked issues of issues, you can import issue links following this guide: Import issue links

You can check out this sample report with Bugs linked to Issues: Stories with Bugs details - Issues - eazyBI Demo Training - eazyBI

Let me know if I understood you correctly or if there is a different aspect to your question.
Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support