Export option exports data different from shown

I have created a report in which certain data per assignee is obtained and in which the key property is shown instead of the full name. The problem is that when exporting the data instead of exporting the key exports the full name.
I need the key instead the full name as a row so I cannot add it as measure in columns.
Is there any way to get the export to export exactly the data shown in the report?



Yes, when exporting a report, the default appearance of the dimension member - a default dimension member name - is used in the exported file. We are considering the option to use the selected option also for exported report (key or name).

Meanwhile, the workaround would be the following:

  1. In the report, add a column with the assignee user key. The calculation to get the assignee user key would be the following (create it in Measures):

  2. Then, in the exported file, remove the first column with full user name: now the first column would be the user key.

See example:

  1. Added user key column

  2. In the exported file, remove the first column

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

Thank you very much Ilze!!