'Export the dashboard' and 'Email dashboard results' features mal-functioning

Hi all,

We have an intricate issue with our eazyBI cloud service at my company which results in erroneus exported PDF reports. If I choose either the ‘Export the dashboard’ or ‘Email dashboard results’ function to have PDF reports sent to me all there is that shows up on those PDF reports are a picture of a SSO sign on menu.
Has anyone else experienced something similar and have anyone a solution to this annoying ‘feature’ :wink:



Hi @dodge365

The reason for this behavior must be due to your Jira SSO configuration.
It does not allow unauthenticated eazyBI requests.
You need to reconfigure this behavior as in the eazyBI PDF export process there is created the eazyBI request which should bypass the SSO authentication.

Martins / eazyBI