Extract COUNTRY from project category as dimension

We’re looking to extract the COUNTRY value as a dimension from project country, to achieve so, in the source data we have created a custom field(country) to be used as a dimension.

However, we’re unable to link it to the category so when this dimension returns values i.e project count, it does so filtered by each country, using it as a category.

As shown in the screenshot, it appears to repeat.

With the following code, we have managed to extract the country as a dimension but still it isn’t doesn’t work as a category:

  WHEN [Project.Category].[Category].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = 'Category'
  THEN Left(
  WHEN [Project.Category].[Category].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = 'Project'
  THEN Left(

Any help is highly appreciated!

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And we use the dimension defined as in the image:

Hi, @Hassan_Dhudra

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Sorry for not answering sooner.

Please use the measure “Issues created” to filter the rows. Filter works with the measures, not properties.

Choose measures “Issues created” and then filter it >0

You can remove the Issues created after filtering the rows.

Ilze support@eazybi.com