Extracting the EazyBI Data

Hi i have a requirement where i need to extract a report from EazyBI, that tells what are the jira projects imported into eazyBI. Its a kind of back tracking report
For my enterprise, i have created 15 different accounts(one per Line of Business) and loaded the respective projects under the corresponding LOB accounts
For ex:
Acc1 - Loaded with 25 projects of LOB1
Acc2 - Loaded with 60 prorjects of LOB2 etc.,
Now i am looking for a way to get a report from eazyBI that tells, what are the projects loaded under LOB1, list of projects loaded under LOB2 …
Is it possible with EazyBI?

Hi @Radha,

The functionality to retrieve the list of imported projects in each account for administration purposes has not been developed yet. I upvoted that feature request.

​For the Server or Data Center versions, it might theoretically be possible to retrieve some data from the eazyBI database table “source_applications” column “application_params” via SQL query, but that might return generic options such as “All projects” or certain selected categories.

The actual list of projects imported into each account could only be seen in the “jira_projects” table of the database for each account. However, there is no standardized way of retrieving that list.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com