Filter a Table of issues

Is there a way to filter a list of issues by some criteria without displaying that criteria anywhere? I have
Rows: Issues
Columns: Measures (with some issue properties selected)
Pages: Fix Versions

I get what I want - a table of issues showing the properties.

I want to globally filter this report - for this example, say I only want to include one Issue Type, but don’t want to add any Columns, Headers or Page Selectors.

How can this be done?


Hi Steve,

One way would be using JQL filter in import options to not import any other issue but with a specific issue type. But that would affect all reports in your eazyBI account.

Perhaps another solution would be using tuples in your calculation.

Try creating a new calculated measure that would calculate one issue type only.

[Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Specific issue type]

Then you could select this new measure in your report and it would act as an issue type filter and return results only for one issue type.

Martins / eazyBI support

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Thank you for the response. I see how a new calculated measure would work, if I were using a measure to rollup data. My report is a table of issues. Is there any way to filter for that without showing that in Pages or anywhere else?

Thank you.


The only way, in this case, would be filtering issues by at least one measure (this filter would appear on the toolbar) and then remove the measures column from the report
See the attachment below:

Martins / eazyBI support