Filter based on a number field value

I have a custom measure that I need to change.
The measure is “tickets résolus 123”:
([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Service resolution group].[Yes])

But now I need from this measure to get only the tickets which have a value 0 in the numeric custom field “Escalade automatique”.
This field can have 2 values 0 or 1.
I need to get the issues with the value 0 and exclude those with value 1.
I have imported the field as both property and measure.
So I want to add something like:
AND “Escalade automatique” = 0

PS: I have read the post from November 18, but I still don’t get how to do it.


It is possible to enable a numeric custom field to be imported as a dimension.
You should add the advanced settings like this:


After applying such settings, this field should be possible to import as a dimension and use the formula like this:

([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Service resolution group].[Yes],
[Escalade automatique].[0])

Janis, eazyBI support