Filter based on contents of Acceptance criteria

Is it possible to create a filter like I have in Jira where I can select only issues that contain the text “Europe 1” within the acceptance criteria field and use that as a selection on the Page?


If the Acceptance criteria is a select field and you import it as a dimension, you can create a calculated member in the dimension with regex and use the new member in the page filter:

If this field is a text field, you should create a new dimension with a Javascript calculated custom field. This approach is discussed in this community post:

Note that this example uses the Issue summary for filtering; you need to adjust the code referring to your custom field. The solution is limited in flexibility since the filtering is hardcoded in the dimension, and you should adjust the code and re-import data if the filtering pattern changes.


Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis, thanks for the reply, unfortunately my support team don’t want to go ahead with this new calculated member.
Kind regards